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Chris's Gigs

17 years ago Chris Grace was asked to help organise a wee concert in the village of Comrie, and from that small beginning, Chris's Gigs was born. Although titled for Chris, the concerts are organised by a team of people who help with everything from publicity to moving PA equipment, taking the money on the door and clearing up afterwards.

Everything is done on a voluntary, non profit making basis with the sole objective of bringing excellent music to the village to folk who might not otherwise hear it. It's a 52 mile round trip to Perth, our nearest big town, and having music on the doorstep makes concerts available to those folk who wouldn't make that journey.

The concerts are most often in the lovely little Comrie Rural Hall which seats 80 people and which guarantees a close up and intimate concert. There have been many magical moments in that wee hall over the last few years. For bigger bands, we have the White Church, Comrie's Community Centre, a lovely atmospheric venue which has seen some pretty lively evenings.

Over the years we have put on some pretty diverse shows, from trad to blues, jazz, american and country and some good old fashioned rock and roll. We try to do about 8 or 9 concerts a year - one a month really, apart from the summer.

Comrie Cinema Club was lucky enough to be awarded a grant from the Weir Foundation several years ago which allowed the purchase of PA equipment which really helps to make the gigs affordable. Comrie audiences are very supportive and turn out unfailingly even when they have no idea what they're coming to hear, and for that we thank them, and hope they'll continue to do just that for as long as we can keep the concerts going. Without the audience there is no concert so please do keep coming. If you'd like to be included on the mailing list please message through the Facebook page and you'll be added in.